Anita Murphy

Ginger & Sage

Food styling and photography is made up of Documentary photographer Anita Murphy and Food Stylist Zania Koppe.

When we think of food it conjures up so many different emotions, we think of family, friends, celebrations, nutrition, economics, and social justice. It creates a social story, a moral story and an aesthetic story. It says so many things to so many people . The story behind food and how you tell that story is far-reaching, influential and powerful.

Using a documentary approach to food styling and photography, Ginger and Sage are visual storytellers. Capturing the story behind the food. The people that grow and produce it, the chefs that prepare it and the communities that celebrate it. Photographs that share an intimacy and emotion, through composition, natural light, texture and colour, to capture the vitality of the food while remaining true to it. To translate and communicate what makes the produce special and what gives it a competitive edge through the power of photography.